A collaborative project

with Graphic Design

students from Portland

State University, USA.

Working together to

visualise aspects of our

own cultures and towns,

we paired up with

students from Portland

to generate responsive

imagery. Designers were

asked to visualise an idea

or moment based on a

small amount of visual

reference provided by

their overseas partner.

The resulting creation

may be a literal and clear

representation, or form

something completely

new. Alternatively it

may have been born out

of miscommunication

and cultural differences.

All works © COPYRIGHT of Sarah Hayter 2015

Website designed and created by Sarah Hayter 2015

A collective publication

designed to showcase all

of the final outcomes

from the two countries,

as well as the initial

research prompts. These

provide an insight into

how the visual research

from Portland and

Farnham has been

interpreted in the form

of final illustrations.

Our exhibition at UCA

Farnham, displaying the

work of students taking

part in the ‘Similarly

Different’ project, using

our cyan colour identity,

contrasting with the red

representing Portland.

An accompanying

publication features

overlaid Portland and

Farnham maps

corresponding to the

colour scheme identity.