An edible flowers brand

called ‘Taste Bud’,

making consumers aware

of the edible possibilities

of flowers. In this

illustrative brand

identity I created visual

metaphors that combine

cutlery with the stamens

and stems of the flowers,

for seed packaging and

edible petal salads. These

use a simple curved fold

net that locks into place.

All works © COPYRIGHT of Sarah Hayter 2015

Website designed and created by Sarah Hayter 2015

A navigation sculpture

that I created for the

application of the brand

‘Taste Bud’ at events

such as the Chelsea

Flower Show - It is

designed to be a

sculptural work of

art that attaches to

lampposts throughout

the show directing

consumers towards a

stall. I designed it so that

it uses one sheet of

water-resistant paper

and no glue. The piece

invites crowds to scan a

QR code providing a link

to the brand website.